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Happy Birthday, Molly!

Today, May 25th, is Molly’s 37th birthday!

On behalf of Molly’s fans from around the world, Molly Sims Web wants to wish Molly an amazing day today! :heart:

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Molly Sims Loves the ’80s

Niteside caught up with Molly Sims at last night’s party celebrating Express’s 30 years in the business, where the supermodel revealed that the ’80s are probably her favorite fashion decade.

She also added that she might have Express when she was as young as five — being a gal from Kentucky, the brand was, of course, in her local mall.

From NBC New York

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Molly on “Town & Country” Cover

Molly is featured on the cover and inside the June 2010 issue of “Town & Country” magazine!

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Molly Sims on New Jewelry Collection, Aaron Eckhart Split, Skinny Trend in Hollywood, and Her Workout Routine

Fashion and beauty bloggers from across the country (decked in wedges and floral prints, with notepads in hand) gathered for an intimate breakfast at the top of the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City to celebrate the launch of Molly Sims’ new website, GraycebyMollySims.Com.

Molly looked laid-back and summery in a knee-length, watercolor-print dress by Diane von Furstenberg which she accessorized with a multi-chain gold necklace and bauble bracelets from her new collection and a pair of flats.

“Ask me anything,” she smiled, “and yes I am single.” The all-American model/ actress/ jewelry designer recently split with actor Aaron Eckhart, who was the genius photographer behind the campaign images for her jewelry line.

“When we dated, we used to take lots of pictures together. He is a phenomenal photographer; the Bruce Weber type. When he’s on set for movies, he will just shoot pics of Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman and they are amazing. So I begged and begged him to do my campaign and he finally agreed,” said Molly.

Over coffee and muffins, the bubbly blonde shared stories of getting to where she is today; launching the website and creating her new jewelry line, ‘Grayce by Molly Sims The Collection,’ sold at Henri Bendels, and GraycebyMollySims.Com.

The Grayce collection is full of statement pieces of colorful baubles that are bright and fun. “It’s called Grayce because my mother would always say, no matter how old you are, you should always be graceful and grateful,” said Molly.

“I will be blogging on the site and I’m very bad at social media. I’m 36, but trying to be cool. There will be daily hair and makeup tips. I want the site to represent me but at the same time be easy to navigate because I often find it hard to buy clothes online. The designing process was definitely difficult.”

The collection of funky jewels is aimed to appeal to a wide range of consumers. “I love my pieces because they are really good quality and women can afford them.” The price points range from $75 to $250.

“I am definitely not a trend girl in my accessories. I want these pieces to last forever.”

Known for her fab figure, we couldn’t help but get a little pre-bikini season advice from Molly. Always tan and toned, the veteran model told us she keeps in shape with the Tracy Anderson workout routine, a favorite of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Cox. “It’s really really hard. I have an athletic build and when I go to the gym, I usually bulk up, but this routine has really changed and elongated my body.”

Sims then went on to say that she is currently healthy and happy in her own skin. “I have dealt with rejection my whole life; people saying I’m too fat, too thin, my calves are too big, my hair looks bad. I believe that anorexia and bulimia are at an all-time high right now and the media way over-glamorizes these super thin women.”

“I remember the days when I ate rice cakes, honey and bananas all day so I have very mixed feeling about the whole issue. I think the internet has really become a virus for it all. It’s worse then ever. Look at Heidi Montag. She was a normal girl from Colorado and now she has size F boobs. I feel so bad for her.”

Take it from a pro, opt for oversized baubles not oversized boobs!

From Style List

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Tonic’s Really Good Q&A: Molly Sims

The roles that have Molly Sims most excited these days are those that involve helping others. The actress recently visited The Hill advocating on behalf of United Against Malaria as Population Services International’s (PSI) Five & Alive ambassador.

And, as often seems to happen, the Kentucky-native seems to have caught the social philanthropist bug. Last she talked to Tonic, there were only plans for more good work coming down the pike. “It’s great to be a voice. It’s pretty exciting to be given the opportunity. Part of me feels like, ‘you’re making a small difference,'” said Sims.

Here, Molly answers Tonic’s Really Good Q&A:

1. What cause is near and dear to your heart (and why)?

I have a few. PSI.org for their amazing work in Haiti and all of the amazing work they have been able to do for that country. I went before the earthquake happened in fall 2009, and it changed my life forever.
Another cause near and dear to my heart is Friends of El Faro, which helps an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.

2. What was your most recent random act of kindness?

Begging people for money to help take care of the orphans in Tijuana.

3. Where (or from whom) did you first learn about ‘giving back’?

From watching my mother.

4. What activist/philanthropist most inspires you?

Oprah because she reaches out to so many people and inspires those around her. Her enthusiasm to help others is contagious, and that is admirable.

5. What are you hopeful for?

That we can all come together to help those in need without the need for a natural disaster to bring it to our attention.

6. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I wish religion could make people come together more as opposed to dividing so many.

7. How have you made your life greener? And …

I only use natural products in my home and I am conscious of what I do on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is taking short showers or recycling — I try to do my part.

8. What’s your guilty eco-offense?

I just got a new car and it isn’t a hybrid this time.

9. What’s the one thing you want to do before you die?

Become a mother.

10. What’s the best good advice you ever received?

Don’t take no for an answer.

From Tonic

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